Sourcing from china

It 'may' seem over whelming looking at who to turn to to to source product from china

We are proud of the client base we have grown over the years and we continue to supply the same customers year after year. When we have the firstSourcing from China interaction with a potential new client it is often the first question they ask "do you have guys on the ground in China?" simply Yes we have. Our UK based team have almost daily contact with our team in China with specialists in sourcing the highest quality (and continued quality) products from all over China. As a matter of interest there are web sites from China where they offer a sourcing service and they are on many occasions they are being run by an entrepreneur in his bedroom - but there web site depicts a huge office with lots of people working for them - so be aware!

Please give our team a call to discuss ANY requirement you have regarding sourcing your current or future products from China.

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Office tel - From UK dial 01427 810417 otherwise dial 0044 (0)1427 810417